What is the Throw Down at the Hoe Down Burger Contest

This is a fundraising event where 10 businesses (restaurants, grocery stores, caterers, pubs, etc) cook their signature burger. Each participant is welcome to create a competition burger OR use a burger recipe they promote within their restaurant. The 500 attendees will choose the People's Choice Winner 

and 5 renowned judges will chooses the Judge's Winner.  

Winner's in each category will receive a prize!

What are the benefits

 of participating

  • Each business will receive the benefits of showcasing their signature burger and their business to the 500 attendees 
  • Over 1000 invitations will be mailed that will include  participants names
  • Each business will have their name on posters and T-shirts promoting the event
  • All  advertising, social media and invitations will include the the names of each participating business
  • Winners names will go out in all press releases
  • The added benefit of helping a not-for-profit local to your community


Who Does this Benefit?

Partners​ For Progress, NFP​

An Idea Is Born

Established in 2005, Partners For Progress, NFP is a 501(c)(3)organization that provides individuals with physical,

mental, and emotional challenges alternative therapeutic programs using quality trained horses. Partners For

Progress believes that each one of our participants is an individual and receives individual treatment. Our overall

goal is to help each participant achieve their maximum personal potential, welfare, and self-achievement. Using

equine partners helps us reach and make contact with each participant.  Partners For Progress supports over 200 riders per week on 20 therapeutic horses with clinical interventions for functional life skills gain.

Partners For Progress has successfully implemented goal-oriented therapy programs and tracking processes to assist participants in overcoming fears, breaking down walls, and achieving monumental milestones. Since opening their doors, PFP has consistently provided scholarships to individuals unable to afford their best practices interventional therapies. PFP has taken on some of their participants as volunteers AND employees, and works with various organizations and schools in the Lake County, Illinois area. Partners For Progress does this so that all individuals with special needs have the opportunity to receive the unmatched benefits of their horse assisted, goal oriented therapy programs. 

One reason we are different

Partners For Progress provides a quality of horse in our programs that falls within the top 5% of therapeutic facilities

within the United States. A higher quality of horse allows for more functional gain which is a necessity. All of the

horses at Partners For Progress are handpicked for physical composition, capabilities, experience and demeanor to

best suit the participant range being served. This exceptional level of equine quality and ability - which is of the

greatest importance to the participant - requires physical soundness, meaning the horse must be physically sound at

the walk, trot and canter. Continued physical soundness is provided to the horse through rigorous training,

maintenance, and sports quality veterinarian care. By providing quality trained horses, each individual participant is

insured the chance to experience the highest quality therapeutic ride with maximum benefits.

We want to participate, what's next?

Click on the button below to fill out the application 

All applications are due July 15, 2019